Michael Endreola

Design – Art Direction – Branding

Torrance Crossfit

Logo and Branding for my home away from home Torrance Crossfit.

The logo is based on the idea of the box. Not just literally the 4 walls that make up Torrance Crossfit, and the boxes we jump on and over. The logo is meant to feel like a shield or family crest because this place we visit is more than a gym to get a workout. It's our community, and something we want to represent proudly.

Assets and Branding Guidelines

Part of the process

Jamie Hagiya showing us how it’s done. (Photo credit: @funning)

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Collection of logos

Hot Wheels

Torrance Crossfit

Team Hot Wheels Animation logo

Neal Bloom Consulting

Personal Logo

Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500

Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

Hot Wheels Test Facility

Fresh Pots!

Red Bull Event Logos

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Fresh Pots!

Logo and jersey design for possibly the greatest frisbee team of all time. Inspired by one of the greatest rock icons of all time.

The idea for the team name, and logo came from our obsession with Grohl’s awesomeness in general but more specifically from this video.

The sketch came from this magic moment of him yelling “Fresh Pots!”

Jersey Designs


I made some hand pulled limited edition screenprinted posters

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