Michael Endreola

Design – Art Direction – Branding

Fresh Pots!

Logo and jersey design for possibly the greatest frisbee team of all time. Inspired by one of the greatest rock icons of all time.

The idea for the team name, and logo came from our obsession with Grohl’s awesomeness in general but more specifically from this video.

The sketch came from this magic moment of him yelling “Fresh Pots!”

Jersey Designs


I made some hand pulled limited edition screenprinted posters

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Team Hot Wheels

I had the opportunity to help develop the launch of TEAM HOT WHEELS. It started with the the Key Art, but the project was much more than just making a cool poster. I was developing the identity for one of the biggest projects in Hot Wheels history. This project was almost just as much strategic vision as it was creative. The poster would drive the identity for this global program looking to re-introduce Hot Wheels in a whole new light.

Art Directing the photo shoot.

Art Directing the Photo shoot.

For the first round (Before the official fire suits were made) I filled in as the four drivers. We still use my head in the moto helmet on all the collateral.

Me as the drivers.


After the Key art was finished we used it to create the Team Hot Wheels Brand Style Guide which set the rules, guides, and assets for this new global brand.


10 feet tall driver banners.

Large Format Vinyl Banners.

On the internets

Some of the web properties for Team Hot Wheels. GrindTV site take over. Hot Wheels youtube page. Official Team Hot Wheels site.

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Red Bull X-Fighters Poster

Red Bull X-Fighters is one of the biggest events Red Bull has ever done. For years X-Fighters was an only an international event. In 2008 they decided to try it out in America. 2009 was the follow up, and this time expectations were huge. It had to be bigger, and better. It was being broadcasted live on ESPN, and a live webcast. It sold out to a 20,000 person crowd at the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

I was the sole designer on this project which after all was said and done took 6 months. The poster design came first. Once the look and feel was established we would take it and apply for everything associated with the event.

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TRAINWRECK Illustration/poster

This is still a work in progress, but this is my first crack at illustration ever on this poster design for the Band Trainwreck. Doing this illustration solely with my wacom tablet in photoshop. Using the old timey damsel in distress tied to the trainwreck scenario for inpiration behind it. Poster is 18×26.



I will update when it’s finished.

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Red Bull Gripped Canvas

Gripped Canvas Poster

Poster Design for Red Bull Gripped Canvas event.

I’m holding up the full size printout of the poster. It was designed to be able to fit on the back of a skate deck to fit in with the event’s theme.


Like almost all of my Red Bull projects, I started with the logo design, and from there fleshed out the rest of the design.



Red Bull 1976 Games

In 1976 the Olympic Games were supposed to come to Colorado only at the last minute to be stripped away, leaving the state and country with a void. With that in mind Red Bull decided to make an event celebrating Colorado, and more important the year 1976. For this event everyone dressed up in clothes and gear from the 70’s and partied on the mountain. The first year Red Bull did the event was in 2008. It was such a success and people had so much fun they did it 2 more times in ’09, and ’10. I was the sole designer in for all 3 years they did this event.  I tried to carry the spirit and nature of the event through the artwork, while also keeping in theme of 1976. I started with the Logo Design, and from there developed the Poster and the rest of the accompanying materials.

Poster for Red Bull’s 1976 Games event 2010.

Poster for Red Bull’s 1976 Games event 2009.

The Logo was also used as the medals for the winners (cash not included).

We also made stickers to hand out at the event so people could stick them on boards/helmets, whatever they wanted. The stickers also doubled as event flyers with information printed on the back.  These are the 2 versions we made. These were a big hit around the mountain.

1976 Games from Michael Endreola on Vimeo.

Here’s a video made showing the highlights of the event and my logo and stickers in action. (I did not make or produce this video, this is Red Bulls video this is just to showcase my artwork inside the video.)

Your Next Record with Keith Urban

Guitar Center Promotion Poster for  ‘Your Next Record’ sweepstakes featuring Keith Urban.


Hold Steady Poster


Poster for the band ‘The Hold Steady’ 18×24.

I took the poster design and applied to two T-Shirt designs.


Red Bull Spiked

Spiked PosterPoster Design for the Red Bull Spiked event.

Spiked Logo

Logo Design for Red Bull Spiked.


Red Bull 45’s

Poster Design for Red Bull 45’s Event.

Red Bull Rubber & Soul


Poster design for Red Bull Rough Streets Event.


Logo Design for Red Bull Rough Streets Event.

Red Bull Rough Streets – Logo and Poster

Poster design for Red Bull Rough Streets Event.

Rough Streets Logo

Logo Design for Red Bull Rough Streets Event.