Michael Endreola

Design – Art Direction – Branding

Hot Wheels 2015 Global TV Campaign


Art Direction, and creative lead on the 2015 TV campaign for Hot Wheels.
Based on my initial concepts pitch, and recommendation It was the first time the brand would approach their annual run of commercials as one cohesive campaign.

We wanted to drive home the idea of the connect your sets system letting you build an awesome “World of Hot Wheels” so we designed an immersive 3D Hot Wheels world that would bring kids in to the action and fire them up on the advertised playset.

I wore alot of hats on this job including Initial concepts ideating and pitching, rough early story boarding, overseeing all edits, script noodling, VO casting, on set art direction, and working closely with the extremely talented CLOCKWORK VFX to bring the cg to life.

Some spots from the campaign:

My original “World Of” sketch used by clockwork create the epic animation.

BTS shots

credits: CG: Clockwork, Director: James W. Wahlberg, Production: Calvary, Edits/Post Production: Silo Films

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