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Red Bull 1976 Games

In 1976 the Olympic Games were supposed to come to Colorado only at the last minute to be stripped away, leaving the state and country with a void. With that in mind Red Bull decided to make an event celebrating Colorado, and more important the year 1976. For this event everyone dressed up in clothes and gear from the 70’s and partied on the mountain. The first year Red Bull did the event was in 2008. It was such a success and people had so much fun they did it 2 more times in ’09, and ’10. I was the sole designer in for all 3 years they did this event.  I tried to carry the spirit and nature of the event through the artwork, while also keeping in theme of 1976. I started with the Logo Design, and from there developed the Poster and the rest of the accompanying materials.

Poster for Red Bull’s 1976 Games event 2010.

Poster for Red Bull’s 1976 Games event 2009.

The Logo was also used as the medals for the winners (cash not included).

We also made stickers to hand out at the event so people could stick them on boards/helmets, whatever they wanted. The stickers also doubled as event flyers with information printed on the back.  These are the 2 versions we made. These were a big hit around the mountain.

1976 Games from Michael Endreola on Vimeo.

Here’s a video made showing the highlights of the event and my logo and stickers in action. (I did not make or produce this video, this is Red Bulls video this is just to showcase my artwork inside the video.)

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