Michael Endreola

Design – Art Direction – Branding

Red Bull Moto GP Media Kit



I came up with the concept, and design of the kit. I worked closely with our vendors and the client to plan out every stage of the kit. From how it would be printed to all the elements inside of it, what kind of foam would be used, and how to brand the shipping box. Close up of the artwork on the box. We screen printed directly onto the metal. It took about 5 or 6 passes to truly match the color  we wanted. Printing directly on to this metal gave it a really great and unique look.

MotoGPMain3Inside of kit once the lid was removed. Contents of the Media Kit:  Authentic Alpine Knee Slider used in a race, Commemorative Brick from the Indianapolis Brickyard, Nicky Hayden Kentucky Kid DVD, and can of Red Bull.


The above piece of foam lifted out like a tray to reveal the ‘Moto GP Season Review’ laid in foam underneath it.


Welcome envelope and accompanying credentials. All of the event’s credentials fit into the envelope that was delivered sealed to the event’s VIPs.

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