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Red Bull X-Fighters Collateral

Since Red Bull X-Fighters was such a large scope event there was a a lot of collateral that went along with it. As the sole designer on the project I was responsible for all the accompanying materials. The poster design came first, once the look and feel was established we would take it and apply for everything associated with the event. Here’s some of the Collateral for Red Bull X-Fighters that was made.

X-Fighters Media Kit:

Part of the event was to make a media kit to send around the country to media members to get them to talk about the event and to create buzz. To fit the theme and vibe of the event and Texas I wanted to use some sort of patina metal look. Something that looked like it was dug up by a cowboy deep in the heart of texas.

After my final sketches and comps were done we sent them off to a a local artist in Texas who made each element separately by hand. The kit opened up to show a DVD in a burlap sleeve, a can of Red Bull held down with twine, and 2 wood boxes with Red Bull Branding burned on to them.

The wood boxes opened up to show autographed pictures and pieces from FMX rider Mat Rebaud’s tire , and a piece Bull Rider Tuff Hedeman’s Chaps.

Only 175 kits were made, so each one came with this certificate.

One of the media members that this kit went to was ESPN FMX’s Ryan Leyba. He blogged about it as soon as he got it. It’s cool to see how people reacted to it. We are very proud of how this turned out.

Outdoor Signage

Wall-scape in downtown Dallas. This wall-scape is about 100 feet wide x 60 feet tall.

Billboard in downtown Dallas.

Lit Display Kiosk Poster inside a Dallas Mall.

City Banners in Fort Worth

Onsite Material

Red Bull X Fighters Trophy for the winner.

Program Guide.

Display Bike.

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