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Hot Wheels 2015 Global TV Campaign


Art Direction, and creative lead on the 2015 TV campaign for Hot Wheels.
Based on my initial concepts pitch, and recommendation It was the first time the brand would approach their annual run of commercials as one cohesive campaign.

We wanted to drive home the idea of the connect your sets system letting you build an awesome “World of Hot Wheels” so we designed an immersive 3D Hot Wheels world that would bring kids in to the action and fire them up on the advertised playset.

I wore alot of hats on this job including Initial concepts ideating and pitching, rough early story boarding, overseeing all edits, script noodling, VO casting, on set art direction, and working closely with the extremely talented CLOCKWORK VFX to bring the cg to life.

Some spots from the campaign:

My original “World Of” sketch used by clockwork create the epic animation.

BTS shots

credits: CG: Clockwork, Director: James W. Wahlberg, Production: Calvary, Edits/Post Production: Silo Films

Hot Wheels Logo

I was lucky enough to be able to work on such an iconic brand mark as the Hot Wheels logo. It was a designer’s dream come true to be able to take a step back take a full audit of where a brand is at, and see where the designs would take me. It started as a pretty open propostion: update/redesign the Hot Wheels logo, and make sure we can have consistency across all touch points of the brand. This process was not taken lightly. It was a very deep dive and a project that took months, and dozens and dozens of options to go through. In the end, we were able to get it to a place where the brand leaders felt like it evolved to the perfect place and were excited and happy to begin the new generation for Hot Wheels.

The final logo. Streamlined, more sleek and faster looking while retaining equity in the brand and it’s legacy. Just like Hot Wheels cars themselves. The fire effects, bevels, and shadows were shed to focus it down to a more clear, impactful place.

Part of the brand audit process.

More than just a color change. Careful detail was put into evolving and refining the flame edges of the logo. The refinements of the shape were meant to make it feel faster, and more streamlined.

While many many variations and wide range of options were explored we landed on the keeping the letterforms as is, with cleaning up and refining them to better fit inside the flame.

logo in action so far

First time on a car. Unveiled at SEMA. Car design credit: Hot Wheels design Photo credit: car-revs-daily.com

6 foot wide chrome badge version of it on display.

In store


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Team Hot Wheels

I had the opportunity to help develop the launch of TEAM HOT WHEELS. It started with the the Key Art, but the project was much more than just making a cool poster. I was developing the identity for one of the biggest projects in Hot Wheels history. This project was almost just as much strategic vision as it was creative. The poster would drive the identity for this global program looking to re-introduce Hot Wheels in a whole new light.

Art Directing the photo shoot.

Art Directing the Photo shoot.

For the first round (Before the official fire suits were made) I filled in as the four drivers. We still use my head in the moto helmet on all the collateral.

Me as the drivers.


After the Key art was finished we used it to create the Team Hot Wheels Brand Style Guide which set the rules, guides, and assets for this new global brand.


10 feet tall driver banners.

Large Format Vinyl Banners.

On the internets

Some of the web properties for Team Hot Wheels. GrindTV site take over. Hot Wheels youtube page. Official Team Hot Wheels site.

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Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500

Logo design and event branding for “Hot Wheels Fearless at the 500”. Live on ABC from the 2011 Indianapolis 500 Tanner Foust shatters the world record with a 332 foot jump off of a 100 foot door in a Team Hot Wheels Truck.


Watch the Record Get Smashed.

Event Signage

Drop in.

Take off.

Co-Branded Billboard with IZOD in Times Square.

Lobby Display Banner

Fearless at the 500 Lobby Banner

8 Foot x 8 Foot Banner

Fearless Lobby display with 25 foot replica of the stunt.

Holding the Cut out logo from the Lobby Display

Animated Fearless logo as it ran on the ABC Broadcast of the Indianapolis 500. (Animation by Galaxy 61)

Izod Fearless at the 500 from Doug Johnson on Vimeo.

On The Internets

Hot Wheels definitely made noise with Fearless at the 500. Over 5 million views on youtube in the first month following the jump. It also got blogged about posted a ton right after it happened.

Fearless Youtube Clip

Post on Tosh.0’s blog, and Featured Banners on Jalopnik.com

Fearless Web2

“Ad of the day” Feature on ADWEEK.com, and Featured Banners on Uproxx.com



Hot Wheels Print Ads

Design, and Art Direction for Hot Wheels print ads. Ads Ran in comic books, special collector, and trade magazines as well as online.